Intro sessions starting at $150

Frank Roser

Based in Germany


“It’s time to unleash your full potential and feel the energy within!”
Frank’s passion for coaching led him to the United States where he was coaching American Football and chased his dream to become a professional coach in the US. After several internships at the pro and college level and two years of coaching at The University of Texas at El Paso, his journey led him to Japan where I worked as a professional coach......

During this time, he discovered the power of breathing through Francesca’s Breathwork Sessions.
Through breathwork he experienced a massive change in his life. Frank deepened his self-awareness and found more clarity and calmness in stressful situations.
In addition to Frank’s 15-year coaching experience, he became a certified Yin Yoga Teacher and also a certified Breathwork Facilitator. Francesca Sipma’s Masterclass and Unblock your Purpose course has unleashed his pure intention and passion guiding others to find theirs.
Living and coaching in different countries helped Frank to connect with people all over the world. He is very passionate about teaching breathwork, life and helping others to transform their lives for the better.
Today, Frank is Global Breathwork Coach that travels the world and facilitates breathwork. His sessions are in German, English and Spanish.

Kaycee Carlston

Based in Mesa, AZ


“Connecting to your intuition is connecting to the wisdom of your soul.”
Kaycee is a recovering people pleaser, who worked in the corporate world for over 8 years. While she was deeply empathic and highly intuitive, she struggled to trust her inner guidance. After years of doing all the “right” things, Kaycee found herself out of alignment. This realization led her on a journey of healing
and self discovery......

Kaycee was seeking the best method to heal from the past and permission to trust her intuition. After many different healing methods and techniques, she found HypnoBreathwork® and it all started to connect for her. Through the power of HypnoBreathwork® she uncovered subconscious programming, limiting beliefs, and repeating patterns in her life, and was able to deepen her self trust and expand her
self worth.
It is through this practice that she stopped people pleasing and started making intuitive decisions to completely transform her life. She now helps empaths and lightworkers connect to their own inner guidance so they can come into alignment and find higher purpose.

Shannon Whalen

Los Angeles, CA


“Embrace life for all it's worth, and when in doubt, blast some music and dance it out.”
Shannon is an east coast raised, turned west coast transplant. Former dancer turned fitness enthusiast, she founded Get Inspired Fitness, LLC a residential fitness company in late 2011 which has served 15+ property management companies across the US. A solopreneur venture left Shannon having a lot of time to manage which eventually led to exploring her.....

own habits and behaviors.
Her curiosity and passion for human behavior, spirituality, and helping others lead her to become an executive coach, and a certified HypnoBreathwork® Coach.
Shannon supports Creatives & Entrepreneurs to overcome personal and professional challenges by exploring their inner workings in order for them to dream bigger and make it their reality.

Stephanie Madson

Based in San Diego, CA


“Love as hard as you can and break your heart as much as you can.”
Steph was born in California, raised in Colorado, went to school in Arizona and has been bouncing
around from coast to coast since. An adventurer and wanderlust at heart, she has a deep passion for
travel, food, and of course all things dating, love and relationships!....

A tough breakup was the catalyst to her spiritual journey which led her down a path seeking meaning and fulfillment, and ultimately leading her to Hypnobreathwork. After completing Francesca's Hypnobreathwork Certification and Unblock Your Purpose courses, she found that her passion to help others combined with a lifetime of being "the person" everyone went to for advice and her love for love, Steph quickly found her calling as an Intuitive Dating and Hypnobreathwork Coach.

Alexis Denney

Based in San Diego


“You don’t just wake up and become the butterfly, growth is a process.”
In 2015, Alexis discovered breathwork in a kundalini yoga workshop. She instantly felt called to become a kundalini yoga teacher and studied under Master Teacher Krishna Kaur in Los Angeles, CA. Along the journey she found HypnoBreathwork® and intuitively knew she was going to be a coach before even.....

 experiencing the practice. HypnoBreathwork® has helped her tap into the subconscious mind and release stress and anxiety.

Alexis’ philosophy and offerings are rooted in ancient practices and science. She believes in infusing energetic alignment, breath, and sound to access trance-induced states of consciousness, to heal from the root, and live a life of power and purpose.

Eddie Padilla

Based in Scottsdale, AZ


“Remember, even the greatest faced moments of defeat; it’s the bounce back that defines us.”
Everardo Padilla, a certified fitness professional with over 15 years of experience, offers a wealth of expertise gained at Equinox, a leading health club. Specializing in functional fitness and renowned as a movement specialist, his approach emphasizes training for longevity......

Working with a diverse clientele, spanning from everyday individuals, high level athletes, to actors and soon-to-be moms, Everardo is adept at crafting personalized programs tailored to specific objectives.
Beyond sessions, Everardo remains at the forefront of the industry through workshops, actively seeking cutting-edge strategies for both himself and his clients. His commitment to innovation led him to discover the transformative power of HypnoBreathwork, adding a unique dimension to his approach.
Dedicated to creating a supportive environment, Everardo empowers individuals to overcome physical and mental challenges. Excited to embark on transformative fitness journeys, he is passionate about
guiding and inspiring clients to unlock their full potential.

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