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Optimize performance and recovery by accessing collective flow state to mentally rehearse the playbook and teamwork.

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Enjoy 22-min breakthrough hypnobreathwork® sessions across topics of Health, Love, Flow State, Peak Performance, and Parenting.

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Mastry leverages HypnoBreathwork®

HypnoBreathwork is a cutting-edge method using breathwork to clear suppressed emotions, hypnosis to reprogram subconscious beliefs, visioning for mental clarity and toward your purpose.


Conscious connected breathwork changes the balance of 02 and CO2 in our body to reduce stress and anxiety, and increase clarity and creativity.


Hypnosis is focused awareness in a trance induced states to reprogram subconscious limiting beliefs, blocks and flawed perceptions.


Mental rehearsal of tasks, projects and teamwork fire new neural circuits and enhance focus, confidence and connection to self and others.


"Athletic Brewing invited Mastry on a corporate retreat to kickoff a leadership planning session. It set the perfect stage of openness, transparency and focus for a very productive retreat. The hypnobreathwork and meditative elements helped us visualize the future and make attainable joint goals and roadmaps in the following sessions.”

Bill Shufelt, Co-Founder & CEO,

Athletic Brewing

“Selling can be one of the most difficult parts of any organization and our session rejuvenated the entire team.”

Catherine Lauer, Sales Manager,


“After my first corporate Mastry session, I enjoyed it so much that I downloaded the app and have been using it as my morning routine and found it very helpful for anxiety. The corporate sessions have been great for clearing mental blocks and unlocking creativity - one of the sessions helped us create our mission and vision statements.”

Mike Greene, COO & Co-Founder,