Francesca Sipma

Based in San Diego, CA + New York, NY


“The universe rewards the bold.”

Francesca Sipma is a former New Yorker who spent her career in advertising and marketing for top global

After 10 years of chasing an insatiable lifestyle, she experienced a radical awakening and went
on a quest to find higher purpose. She found herself on a deep self-exploration journey exploring
modalities and retreats all over Bali, India and Peru. She became fascinated by the power of breath and
subconscious mind as a catalyst into self-awareness to deconstruct childhood conditioning and social

Frank Roser

Based in Germany


“It’s time to unleash your full potential and feel the energy within!”

Frank’s passion for coaching led him to the United States where he was coaching American Football....

chased his dream to become a professional coach in the US. After several internships at the pro and
college level and two years of coaching at The University of Texas at El Paso, his journey led him to
Japan where I worked as a professional coach.
During this time, he discovered the power of breathing through Francesca’s Breathwork Sessions.
Through breathwork he experienced a massive change in his life. Frank deepened his self-awareness
and found more clarity and calmness in stressful situations.
In addition to Frank’s 15-year coaching experience, he became a certified Yin Yoga Teacher and also a
certified Breathwork Facilitator. Francesca Sipma’s Masterclass and Unblock your Purpose course has
unleashed his pure intention and passion guiding others to find theirs.
Living and coaching in different countries helped Frank to connect with people all over the world. He is
very passionate about teaching breathwork, life and helping others to transform their lives for the better.
Today, Frank is Global Breathwork Coach that travels the world and facilitates breathwork. His sessions
are in German, English and Spanish.

Crystal Keath

Based in Las Vegas, NV


“The power is and always has been inside of you.”

Crystal specializes in helping professionals in the service industry transition out of the chaos of nightlife and into a life filled with peace,....

 freedom, purpose and health.
As a life-long hospitality worker herself, she enjoyed the freedom and financial returns of cocktail
waitressing, but like so many of her clients in 2013 she was burnt out and wanted to create a next level in
her life and didn’t know how to get out of the golden handcuffs of the service industry.
With the guidance of Francesca’s HypnoBreathwork® Crystal helps guide her clients to connect to their
inner voice so that they can find where they truly belong in life to align with their purpose, feeling fulfilled
and finally ready to let go of the service industry forever.

Kaycee Carlston

Based in Mesa, AZ


“Connecting to your intuition is connecting to the wisdom of your soul.”

Kaycee is a recovering people pleaser, who worked in the corporate world for over 8 years. While she....

deeply empathic and highly intuitive, she struggled to trust her inner guidance. After years of doing all
the “right” things, Kaycee found herself out of alignment. This realization led her on a journey of healing
and self discovery.
Kaycee was seeking the best method to heal from the past and permission to trust her intuition. After
many different healing methods and techniques, she found HypnoBreathwork® and it all started to
connect for her. Through the power of HypnoBreathwork® she uncovered subconscious programming,
limiting beliefs, and repeating patterns in her life, and was able to deepen her self trust and expand her
self worth.
It is through this practice that she stopped people pleasing and started making intuitive decisions to
completely transform her life. She now helps empaths and lightworkers connect to their own inner
guidance so they can come into alignment and find higher purpose.

Andi Kefalos

Based in Columbus, OH


“The most important relationship we have is the one we have with ourselves.”

Andi Kefalos has built her practice around helping those who are seeking deeper connections &....

more meaningful relationships through insight, action, and breathwork.
Her work is to break patterns and create new ones; to uncover what is blocking us from our purpose and
release it. She offers private breathwork sessions for couples and individuals, group breathwork sessions,
virtual workshops, and courses.
Her own journey began when she experienced multiple losses in her life around the same time. In her
own pain, she realized that she did not want to be defined by anything other than the love she could give
to herself. Her mission is to create a community, a support system, a way to help others in so many ways
that she needed. Afterall, the most important relationship we will ever have is the one we have with
ourselves. Healing starts from within each of us, but we don’t have to do it alone.

Shannon Whalen

Based in Los Angeles, CA


"Embrace life for all it's worth, and when in doubt, blast some music and dance it out."

Shannon is an east coast raised, turned west coast transplant. Former dancer turned fitness enthusiast,....

she founded Get Inspired Fitness, LLC a residential fitness company in late 2011 which has served 15+ property management companies across the US. A solopreneur venture left Shannon having a lot of time
to manage which eventually led to exploring her own habits and behaviors.
Her curiosity and passion for human behavior, spirituality, and helping others lead her to become an
executive coach, and a certified HypnoBreathwork® Coach.
Shannon supports Creatives & Entrepreneurs to overcome personal and professional challenges by
exploring their inner workings in order for them to dream bigger and make it their reality.

Corene Phelps

Based in DC Area


“Wealth is an inner condition of being and money is a conduit.”

Corey is a native Washingtonian, Master NLP Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Business & Life....

Success Coach. Corey started her personal development journey after the birth of her daughter. She was
in a career that made her miserable, and she knew she was meant for more. Unwilling to settle for a
mediocre existence, she became obsessed with what creates peak performance and how to harness
untapped potential.
The last 10 years have been a crash course in self-love, business, community, empowerment, becoming
resourceful, creating wealth, and doing what it takes to just freakin' go for it. Her mission is to help others
discover their inner power, create abundance & realize their deeper purpose.

Dave Murphy

Based in Australia


“You are the one you’ve been waiting for.”

Dave was born and raised in Sydney, Australia and spent 15 years working with some of the most iconic
brands all around the world.....

 While on paper it was a successful career, the further he progressed the more he felt unfulfilled and
disconnected from his true self.
Dave experimented with breathwork as a means to bring a greater level of clarity and meaning to his own
life and immediatelv experienced its transformative benefits.
Following his intuition, Dave went on to complete his HypnoBreathwork® certification and today
helos individuals and teams heal unprocessed emotions, re-program limiting beliefs and access greater
levels of clarity, creativity, confidence and connection.

Lee Anne Simeone

Based in Long Island, NY


“Tap into the infinite abundance that surrounds you.”

Lee Anne's expertise is guiding others to step into a life of abundance & ease, connect to their intuition,
amplify confidence, &....

magnetize their best life!
After working in corporate, Lee Anne was raising 3 children, when her mom's illness changed the
trajectory of her life. She discovered that true healing occurs from the inside out. Becoming certified as a
Health Coach, Qigong & Breathwork Instructor, she now guides others to awaken the creator within &
reconnect to their energetic power.
Lee Anne's intuition & experience led her to get certified in Hypnobreathwork®. This was a game changer
for her clients! Limiting beliefs are released & self-awareness is achieved to create profound

Stephanie Madson

Based in San Diego, CA


“Love as hard as you can and break your heart as much as you can.”

Steph was born in California, raised in Colorado, went to school in Arizona and has been bouncing....

around from coast to coast since. An adventurer and wanderlust at heart, she has a deep passion for
travel, food, and of course all things dating, love and relationships!
A tough breakup was the catalyst to her spiritual journey which led her down a path seeking meaning and
fulfillment, and ultimately leading her to Hypnobreathwork. After completing Francesca's
Hypnobreathwork Certification and Unblock Your Purpose courses, she found that her passion to help
others combined with a lifetime of being "the person" everyone went to for advice and her love for love,
Steph quickly found her calling as an Intuitive Dating and Hypnobreathwork Coach.

Lo Little

Based in Los Angeles, CA


“We must all heal to grow.”

Lauren was born and raised in San Francisco and currently resides in sunny Southern California. She has
spent the last 16 years in Sales, from the corporate....

world to building multi million dollar companies in the
online high ticket coaching space. Her Breathwork journey began in 2018 after taking her first session
with Francesca Sipma. She had a profound life changing experience and became very intrigued with the
ability to heal her past traumas and childhood wounds through the power of breath.
After a turn of life events, Lauren started to dig deeper into this powerful modality. She practiced
consistently, she became in a sense- addicted. It was her happy place. Her escape. Her place of power.
She saw her life begin to shift, to fourish, and the world started to make sense.

Jenn Hepton

Based in Seattle, WA


“The motherhood journey can be an intimate healing and spiritual connection.”

When she started motherhood journey she was lost in fear, anxiety and overwhelm. She battled through....

11 years of infertility and loss. When her son was born she realized how much conditioning and
generational trauma was unconsciously driving her parenting and life. She became a conscious parenting
expert with Dr. Shefali and soon she was able to heal the deepest parts of her. However, it wasn't till she
integrated Hypnobreathwork and Conscious Parenting that she was able to rewrite her subconscious by
releasing childhood trauma, wounds and conditioning on a deep subconscious level.

Erin Brady

Based in San Antonio, TX


“Investing in yourself pays dividends.”

Erin grew up in an Air Force family traveling around the globe. She holds a Bachelor of Science in
Kinesiology and a minor in Business from The....

University of Texas at Austin. Erin comes from a 13+ year
career in medical sales and is an avid runner having completed 8 marathons.
After searching for something to alleviate stress and provide clarity, she was guided to the enlightening
practice of breathwork. It was during her first breathwork experience that Erin realized how truly
transformational this practice is and realized it needed to be shared
It is now Erin's mission to spread the power and value of HypnoBreathwork® to all, especially those that
think it's not for them or shun away from meditation or anything spiritual, because she believes that's
where the real magic lies.

Rave Reid

Based in San Diego, CA + Sayulita, Mexico


"We desperately need more leaders who are committed to courageous, wholehearted leadership and who are self-aware enough to lead from their hearts." - Brené Brown

Rave is a former speech....

and language pathologist who worked with kids with autism and special needs in elementary and middle schools in San Diego for six years.

After a life changing experience during her first breathwork journey in 2020. Rave intuitively knew she was meant to share this modality. Shortly after that first journey, she experienced the loss of a loved one and went through a tragic breakup, which only fueled her to dive into breathwork even more.

Her mission is to help heart led and brave women create their dream businesses so that they can live with more freedom, wealth & impact. She's passionate about combining the unique mix of Hypnobreathwork, mindset work, manifestation and intuitive quidance to her 1:1 clients and group coaching containers.

When she's not leading her heart-led revolution, Rave enjoys traveling the world (over 18+ countries), cuddling her highlander cat Zen, sharing unapologetically on social media, and listening to house music.

Cherie Blier

Based in Buzzards Bay, MA


"Let your past teach you, your obstacles challenge you and your heart and soul guide you to rise."

Cherie has over 20 years experience in various styles of dance, fitness training + body movement. For....

the past 6 years, Cherie has owned and operated the family dance studio she grew up in, expanding their
offerings to include functional training for women and athletes. She studied culinary arts and nutrition, and
has various certifications through the National Association of Sports Medicine and Dance Educators of
Today, Cherie utilizes the wisdom she has gained in her personal life struggles healing an overwhelmed
nervous system, chronic stress, depression, anxiety, addiction and toxic relationship patterns to help
others heal their hearts & minds and live more consciously.

Daisy Mack

Based in Los Angeles, CA


“May all the bridges you burn, light your true path.”

Daisy is a breathwork and stress management expert, certified integrative nutrition health coach and yoga teacher. Prior to moving into wellness, she....

spent 15 years working in the music industry. First
as an agent at leading power house WME and then as a North American VP for an entertainment
Daisy has been featured in popular publications including WebMD, Bustle, Authority Magazine and many
more. As the founder of Spiritual Mixtape, she is committed to helping driven individuals dealing with
chronic stress to build a personalized self-care protocol that will support and lift them above their current

Mindy Mackenzie

Based in Dallas, TX


“With intention and action you can become the person you’ve always wanted to be.”

Mindy grew up in Arizona and moved to Texas 12 years ago seeking a new life and opportunities....

With her, she brought a zest for fresh experiences and an entrepreneurial spirit which continues to drive her
forward in her career. Through the years, Mindy has cultivated a wide skill set including personal training,
becoming a marketing director in toxicology, and the owner of her own skin care business. This rapid
growth resulted in her ultimately becoming the Human Resources Director at Formula Wellness.
Through such a wide range of careers, Mindy was unable to find a certain level of career or personal life
fulfillment. Breathwork was introduced to her two years ago to help heal from trauma while simultaneously
helping to find her purpose. To her surprise, it came to fruition and she fell in love with the power of

Lisa Malia

Based in Seattle, WA 


“If you feel a deeper sense of joy and purpose calling to you, it is.”

Lisa Malia is a women's health and wellness leader and educator. breast cancer survivor and mama, turned feminine.... 

 wisdom and embodied leadership coach, nonprofit founder and CEO. She helps people
connect to their innate wisdom, trust their intuition and embody their sacred purpose and build a lasting
legacy to access a life of deep satisfaction, clarity and unapologetic joy.
She earned a Masters in the Science of Midwifery and practiced many years as a Midwife supporting
women. After her breast cancer diagnosis in 2014 Lisa expanded her services and shifted her attention
toward breast density notification policies, access to care and a more holistic approach to supporting
people facing breast cancer.

Suzy Perry

Based in the UK


“I want to help you thrive through adversity, and live your most meaningful, fulfilling life.”

In 2017, Suzy learned the significance of the breath after sustaining a traumatic brain injury. Breath....

 became her life force and the foundation to rebuild her mind and life. In that moment she chose to take the empowered choice and for 14 months totally bed bound harnessed this tool.

Now qualified in holotropic, rebirthing, and Hypnobreathwork® Suzy is highly passionate about sharing this miracle with you!

Alexis Denney

Based in San Diego, CA


“You don’t just wake up and become the butterfly, growth is a process”

In 2015, Alexis discovered breathwork in a kundalini yoga workshop. She instantly felt called to become a kundalini yoga....

teacher and studied under Master Teacher Krishna Kaur in Los Angeles, CA. Along the journey she found HypnoBreathwork and intuitively knew she was going to be a coach before even experiencing the practice.
HypnoBreathwork has helped her tap into her subconscious mind to release stress and anxiety.

Alexis’ philosophy and offerings are rooted in ancient practices and science. She believes in infusing energetic alignment, breath, and sound to access trance-induced states of consciousness, to heal from the root, and live a life of power and purpose.

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