About us

At Mastry, we believe that everyone has a unique purpose and the potential to achieve their dreams. However, the journey to reaching one's full potential can be challenging – especially with self-limiting beliefs, a lack of clarity, and cloudy self-awareness. 

That's why we curate experiences to help people release subconscious blocks, dissolve emotional triggers, break behavior patterns, and take intuitive action towards their highest self – all through the power of hypnobreathwork. 

At Mastry, we also recognize the importance of connection and community in the journey of personal growth. That's why we are building a global network of passionate and supportive individuals who are committed to tapping into their inner wisdom, optimizing their human performance, and connecting with like-minded peers.

From custom sessions, innovative workshops, personalized coaching and transformative experiences, we provide a safe and supportive space where individuals can heal the past, explore their passions, and connect more deeply to themselves and others. 

By empowering people with the tools and resources they need toward self-mastery, we believe that we can make a meaningful difference in the world. Join us on this journey of personal growth, connection, and purpose-driven living.

What is HypnoBreathwork®?

Hypnobreathwork is an integrative practice that combines breathwork, hypnosis, and visioning to offer a progressive approach to healing and personal growth. It harnesses the power of physical and emotional release of breathwork, subconscious reprogramming of hypnosis, and mental clarity through visioning to improve physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

This potent combination enables the release of deeply held emotional patterns and stored stress in the body. It allows access to deeper levels of the subconscious mind, releasing limiting beliefs and emotional blockages. The resulting sense of clarity and relief is often profound, leaving individuals feeling lighter, clearer, and more aligned with their purpose.

Breathwork involves a circular-connected technique that changes the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body and activates different regions of the brain. It is a scientifically-backed method for reducing stress, improving focus, and increasing overall health. Research suggests that breathwork can reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as improve cardiovascular and immune system function.

Hypnosis is a methodology using focused awareness in a deep, relaxed state to penetrate the subconscious mind – the source of motivations, habits, behaviors, attitudes, emotions and self-talk. This process can help overcome unconscious beliefs, reduce stress and anxiety, and achieve greater levels of self-awareness.

Visioning draws inspiration from the work of neuroscientist Dr. Joe Dispenza. When we mentally rehearse the future outcome we desire, we create new neural pathways that can alter our biochemistry and create new experiences and emotions.

The trifecta of hypnobreathwork has the potential to produce even greater benefits, including emotional healing, increased clarity and creativity, improved self-confidence, enhanced performance and connection to purpose.

Our Founder

Francesca Sipma is the Founder and CEO of Mastry. A former New Yorker, Francesca spent over a decade in advertising and marketing for some of the world's top brands, including Google, Marriott, and Bacardi.

Francesca experienced corporate burnout and chronic dissatisfaction from an unfullfiling lifestyle of chasing parties and promotions. She embarked on a spiritual sabbatical, traveling the world to Bali, India, and Peru to study healing practices and reconnect with herself.

During her travels, Francesca discovered her true purpose: to help others get into alignment with their own purpose. She was inspired to create a modern and efficient modality and pioneered hypnobreathwork. In 2020, she transitioned into coaching and began working with entrepreneurs and athletes to help them clear subconscious blocks, find deeper meaning, and unlock their full potential.

Now with 80 coaches certified around the world, Francesca and her team are dedicated to spreading consciousness and empowering people to discover their purpose and create the life of their dreams.

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