Mastry uses HypnoBreathwork® to optimize human performance, align teams and boost morale.

HypnoBreathwork® is a cutting edge method using breathwork, hypnosis and visioning to access higher states of consciousness to enhance cognition and energy. The oxygenation technique stimulates different regions of the brain for heightened clarity, creativity & collaboration.

Flow State Signature Session

Mastry's signature session to get teams into alignment. This is a 60-minute power session to reach optimal states of consciousness for heightened clarity, creativity, and flow. This unique method stimulates different regions of the brain and shifts our biochemistry to access information and the infinite intelligence of the subconscious mind. This session will unlock maximum productivity and energy and get your team into flow state.

Company Mission Session

An immersive journey to embody the company vision and values. In this session, we will share mission, vision and company values in a subconscious state for deeper alignment and connection. Teams will visualize building, scaling and succeeding together.

Health & Wellness Session

A release of stress and build up living in the nervous system. Employees will identify different areas in their lives and pressure points to enable a detoxification and release of stacked emotions and anxious energy. This reset will leave the team feeling lighter, clearer & rejuvenated.

Creative Brainstorm Session

An interactive session geared toward a specific project, product, client or task. We start with a collective brainstorm on concepts and insights to bring content to the surface. Then teams will be guided for new creative connections and innovative solutions for execution.

Sales Strategy Session

An advanced session to unblock doubt, fears or resistance in the sales process. Teams will mentally rehearse handling objections and closing with confidence. We will conclude the session with a visualization to bring forth intuitive solutions to hit targets and goals.

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